Women’s Shelter

After leaving California in May I felt REALLY called to bless the community back. I do tons of give aways and donations but really wanted to be there to see the impact so back in May I wrote a women’s shelter in Westminster to see if I come come and do a give away. I have worked with this shelter before with Lifepoint Church and knew what to expect. I told the I wanted each lady to pick a outfit and all the little girls to get dresses. The day ended up typically chaotic and I was left heading there frazzled and spread thin, but what a blessing these ladies were to me. I popped up and I won’t forget how good it felt when one lady said “Are you doing this because you are going out of business.” I said, “no just the opposite. Business is thriving and it wouldn’t feel the same without being able to take those blessings and give back.” The ladies were blown away by being given new outfits but seeing their friendships and how the employees and older women of the shelter all take care of each other, was gentle and sweet and I was blessed. Leaving there we planned to come back again and make it into a community fundraiser where we draw attention to the needs of the shelter.

Therefore this Friday July 14, 2017 from 12-5pm I will be set up with other direct sales cash and carry vendors to help raise money and awareness to local needs. I firmly believe if we can start in our homes and then in our communities the world WILL be a better place. I loved getting to know the ladies while there! One beautiful momma was a momma of 2 sets of twins and I cannot imagine not knowing where to turn with 4 precious littles! I love what the shelter does and I feel honored to be able to go back to raise money for them. If you are free Friday come see us! We will be in the Distillery building in downtown Westminster by Paradiso! Please bring a friend and if you reference this blog post, I will add an extra $5 from your sale to the cause!

Some beautiful pieces that will be there ūüôā


Why don’t we believe

Today I want to discuss the fact that so many of those that went before me with motherhood warned me, but why don’t we believe? At least I didn’t. ¬†I feel like the older I get the more I tend to see ways people warned me or prepped me but somehow I felt like I would be different. Or there was an exception to the rule, anyone else? Like how many times did we hear “parenting is the hardest job you will ever do?” but for some reason it doesn’t make sense until you are in the thick of it. And the daily, little adds up to be the big, thick of it?

I shared yesterday my oldest had a root canal. It was as bad as I imagined, actually worse. I feel like the days leading up to it I was told by others how their child went in and was fine so I lowered my expectations and then was floored when it was worse. Let me explain, the procedure itself was fine, Nora did great. It was my momma heart that was leveled. I want to SHOUT from the rooftops “Take care of your newborns teeth” because we are only a little way into the thick of Nora’s issues and the bills.

Nora has enamel hypoplasia that affects baby teeth stemming from low birth weight, and the vicious cycle of her low birth weight solidified the issues. She was little so we fed her all hours of the night, not brushing after so the pre existing problem was multiplied by night time feedings just to pack weight on. She has 8 cavities total and yesterdays cavity turned root canal before they could fix the smaller issues. The dentist was amazing, I highly recommend Dr. Turner at All Smiles for Kids in Eldersburg. ¬†We have been doing a slow relationship build once we found out Nora’s big issues. She was so upset the tooth turned bad before she got in. She said often when people are rescued from emergency situations all hell breaks loose as they are spotted. Something about seeing the end in sight and she swears teeth are the same way. True or not, it was a good visual to the issues. Nora did great but mid repair she threw up and that affects further treatment down the road so prayers for¬†discernment in making these decisions. So let me explain the “why don’t be believe” title.

During her surgery, sitting there rubbing her little leg I got extremely emotional and I have high tolerance for these things. All I could think about was my dad who passed away March 2013. He ALWAYS took me to my dentist appointments and I had a lot of Nora’s issues. He was always the one rubbing my leg and holding me up with awful teeth stuff. I have this clear image, (well foggy from meds) of me stumbling out of getting my wisdom teeth done and him trying to hold my arm. I pulled away being the Miss Independent that I am and him saying “why can’t you just accept my help. One day you will have kids and you’ll understand how much we love and want to help.” Why didn’t I believe him? I wish I could call him up now and say “dad gosh its so hard, I am sorry I didn’t let you help me and I am sorry I didn’t believe you on how hard it is.” I wish so much to have those conversations with him about all the things I didn’t believe until I am walking through them now. I KNOW he sees, I just wish I could see¬†him, seeing me parent.

Always wanting to learn and grow, I want to from this. I want to understand sometimes people just have to live through things to understand them better and that is ok. I want to give myself the grace to know parenting is just hard and as they get older, like everyone says, its just a different kind of hard. I WILL believe that! I also want to extend grace to those along side of me in this crazy season of getting a gripe on our kids as they slip into a new season we don’t understand all over again. To all those who lost parents to soon, man I feel you. From those who had amazing relationship and that gap is still so raw to those who didn’t say I love you and I think you’re the best dad enough, man do I hear you.


Post Card he sent me that I got after he passed away! It was so crazy and awesome IMG_9440

Nora Pre surgeryIMG_9547

Flowers from our awesome neighbors IMG_9545

You can see in this pic her fat little lip after ūüė¶


Do you know?

Do you really know, what your support for our family looks like? I wonder this often about you wonderful shoppers and customers of mine. I wonder if you truly know the gift you give us when you chose to support small business owners! Let me give you a little insight, in words. I know you see it on social media, the quality time we have with our kids, the memories created and intentional moments. I know you see the happy smiles, beach shots, Disney trips and creek walks. But do you really KNOW?

I want to take a minute to tell you. The gift you give us is hard to put into words, the gift you give us has us driving and saying “how did we get so lucky?” The gift you give us has my girls saying things like “when I have a daddy (Nora meant husband) I will go work while he plays with our kids then when he works I will get to stay home and have fun. Then most days we all get to be together” This was a recent conversation and it blew my mind to see my baby girl seeing this as our norm. We know this isn’t and we never take it for granted. I don’t want to write this post in a boasting way, I want to write this post in pure humility and gratitude to say thank you for supporting this dream. This dream that has made our marriage stronger and our family unity closer than ever.

I can tell you this year of marriage has been the most blissful and it is because Jeff and I have had to work on the same task together. It wasn’t always this way, the amount of growth and change in one year was very hard on us, and privately we had year many couples see over 25yr span, in one year. But coming together to work a business and raise up a family has given us pure bliss because we know the struggle. We are so keenly aware of the daily hussle that leads to distraction and fighting our way to clarity. All of this would not be possible without Lularoe, and more importantly without you . Because of Lularoe growth I had to take a clear look at myself, my leadership style and refine and rewrite. Because of you all supporting Lularoe and me, I want to be better for you and the girls that took the Lularoe leap because of me. Its constantly changing and this isn’t easy, but because of customers who love the product I find myself counting my blessings and each one of you who support small business. It is a choice. I find myself now more than ever looking to support the mom who took a leap, the small new coffee shop next to a corporate one, the dad who is selling flowers on a corner as opposed to a grocery store. There is a reason many people are leaving big America to go off on their own. Many are saying “Enough” give me quality over masses. That is what we have said, we don’t want bigger and better. We want more of the good stuff, and you all help make this possible so once again and NEVER for the last time. THANK YOU!

Weekend Adventures and NCRC

This weekend was packed for us! A lot of nerves went into Friday night because it was our daughters VBS end program. Doesn’t sound like a big deal right? However Nora was the only child in her class that didn’t sing at her¬†school end of year program and broke down in tears due to nerves. I think I always knew parenting was hard but this was new level. Jeff and I found ourselves asking “what did we do to create this anxiety? Was it… or … Or is she just this way? How can we help her?” It was stressful and when it happened at the school event it caught me by surprise because the kids is a NATURAL at acting and singing! I know all parents think that of their kids but this little girl soaks it up!!! She is simply so talented and loves performing so it was literally heart breaking to see her crumpled face not participating. The night before the end of VBS show she woke up at 2am and came into our bed upset. As she slept she actually said in a dream “I don’t want to sing on stage” and it broke my heart. We chatted and said she didn’t have to, low pressure. But then there was Katy. We didn’t want her to see her big sister not go up and her stay back also, so it was tricky. I was trying my best to play it cool all night.

As the night went on, thank God the older kids went first, Nora stayed rolled up behind me watching but you could tell nervous. I just downplayed and sat with her, saying she didn’t have to! Then the time came, and luckily Katy class could go the same time. I put Katy up and Nora refused, the more Katy saw Nora the more she wanted to come down. Just then in the distance Katy saw Jeff wave and make silly faces so she stuck it out and the music came on! I kept turning to Nora cause I could tell she wanted to, I pushed enough and up she went! Who knew something so small could invade a momma’s heart so big! I felt like a million dollars when they came down! Plus we have this cute video to show! I was on cloud nine all night! All the teachers knew I was stressed so many were also happy to see her go!

Then Saturday and Sunday I got to go back to my roots! I was able to participate in a fundraiser for NCRC at their recital! It was a huge success! I paired up with Kelly Green who is apart of my downline and we had a blast! Kelly had to help her kids out as dance mom here and there so I was present to help her! She helped me when I wanted to be home for diner with the family Saturday night! We sold a lot and I am excited to see the totals for what was raised for NCRC! I LOVE doing anything for Jess Etzel and her awesome studio because I really started my LLR journey there! She helped me get local roots because one of the first places I consistently set up at was NCRC when I heard a lot of “Lula what?” Every event I do with them I LOVE seeing so many past hostesses! I am so grateful to live in CC MD where local matters and everyone stays! Its fun to see people I went to HS with bring their kids to dance and past teachers everywhere I turn! I really do love small town. Speaking of small town I went to Char’d BBQ after on Sunday. Have y’all been? I MEAN IT, best BBQ around. I cannot get enough. As a matter of fact, I left and drove 20 minutes to get it with two kids who didn’t nap, it was worth the risk. The brisket is the best I ever had and I CANNOT get enough of the apple BBQ sauce, like literally could drink it! Farmer Stan’s (past Spring Meadow) also had their ice-cream shack open and got an amazing chocolate snowball with marshmallow JUST for me to eat after the amazing Char’d BBQ. We had ice-cream at home for the kids so I just treated myself and you would have literally thought I was tortchering the kids. How dare mom get herself a snowball and not them???



Melissa’s Party

On Monday, sweet Melissa Rudolph had a Lularoe pop up and Disney arrived literally as I was packing up the car. I practically yelled at the UPS driver from excitement because they never get to my house before 3pm and that day, she did! Honest, I think I scared her!!!!

Upon my arrival to Melissa house I was greeted by her very sweet, almost teen son! (His bday is Sunday). He was watching Melissa’s three year old with grace and patience I can only pray for while Melissa was picking other kids up from gymnastics. He helped me unload the car and set up, then somehow was able to get the 3 yr old down for a nap on the couch the same time he dozed off! Man, he made it look so easy! Melissa has 6 children and handles it with such love and care. She has the most flexible attitude and I love hearing about she and her hubby met as once rivals on the basketball court! She was ref, he was a coach! She also gave great parenting advice of just letting go and going with the flow!!!

My first Disney box was a absolute gem. All variety of sizes and styles in the Disney prints, and all sold at the pop up or when I posted right after. Melissa’s party was full of ladies excited for Disney prints but many just looking for summer outfits of LLR. I love hearing repeat customers coming back because they love certain styles. Melissa allowed me to post my location public and at least 3 ladies came just to check out what I had! My favorite part of the evening was packing up the car with Melissa’s kids helping. The two youngest went outside and were splashing in little puddles, then Shaw the baby of the family fell butt first into a big puddle and everyone just laughed! It was refreshing to see the slower pace of life and taking in the chaos! I also learned I can no longer pack my car right without Jeff’s help! He does it so much better than I do!!!



The new partnership excitement!

Tonight is the first party with having Disney products in hand! I am so excited to see the reaction of this party when we open the boxes. While in Cali I offered the new line to hostesses and immediately booked 5 parties. Melissa was the earliest to book and to be honest, I was a tiny bit nervous Disney wouldn’t be released yet. We kept open lines of communication and sure enough my box comes tonight around 4pm and her party is at 3pm! My husband and kids will be loading up the car and driving it to me, unopened for them! How exciting!!!!!


We will post tons of pictures are keep you posted! Stay tuned!!!


Total request live, but for shopping! I use to be so swamped out of my mind I was never able to take request, now I work smarter, not harder! I finally have my 1500 plus piece inventory pictured

so sending inventory pics is way easier!!!! Make sure you join my VIP page on FB to ask away for outfits, size and styles sent to you just for you!!!! I currently carry Classic tees, Perfect Tees, amelia’s, Carly’s, Sarah’s, Joy’s, ALL leggings, TONS of little girl dresses, Maxi, Azure, LOLA, irma, and MORE! Come say hi and let me shop for you! Especially in the summer months, what could be easier!!!!!!!!

Name change!

To be quite frank, I have no clue what I am doing. I am trying to get changed to without losing content but I do not know how! I am very tech savvy on things I used as a millennial but stuff like pinterest and blogs I am learning. I know the basics but getting deeper is my goal! Lularoe Brooke Schnorr is my name Lularoe has approved but my LLC is in the name Brooke Schnorr! I thought I was correct in having my name have Lularoe in it but come to find out it isn’t! So stay tuned as I get this content loaded to hopefully sooner than later!

Be Passionate

Photo’s from Lularoe Leadership

My good friend and travel buddy was helping me to take better pictures!
Had to prove to my kids I was with Mickey and Friends!
THIS AMELIA! I simply love it but was concerned it was very 101 Dalmatians! However, bring it Disney!
A few of us in Disney Adventure Park
An amazing Trainer, T and I!
The water show was the best I have ever seen! The icing on the cake was the LLR logo in the water! I actually didn’t take many pictures during cause I just wanted to take it alllllll in!
Walking to Disney with some of my amazing directs and trainers!
Catching some rays, pre Disney
Anaheim Packing house is a must!
Just taking in the view
Be Passionate
My Mentor and Upline
What I was missing at home! I mean these Lularoe Scarlett’s are amazing
Park shut down for US!