Women’s Shelter

After leaving California in May I felt REALLY called to bless the community back. I do tons of give aways and donations but really wanted to be there to see the impact so back in May I wrote a women’s shelter in Westminster to see if I come come and do a give away. I have worked with this shelter before with Lifepoint Church and knew what to expect. I told the I wanted each lady to pick a outfit and all the little girls to get dresses. The day ended up typically chaotic and I was left heading there frazzled and spread thin, but what a blessing these ladies were to me. I popped up and I won’t forget how good it felt when one lady said “Are you doing this because you are going out of business.” I said, “no just the opposite. Business is thriving and it wouldn’t feel the same without being able to take those blessings and give back.” The ladies were blown away by being given new outfits but seeing their friendships and how the employees and older women of the shelter all take care of each other, was gentle and sweet and I was blessed. Leaving there we planned to come back again and make it into a community fundraiser where we draw attention to the needs of the shelter.

Therefore this Friday July 14, 2017 from 12-5pm I will be set up with other direct sales cash and carry vendors to help raise money and awareness to local needs. I firmly believe if we can start in our homes and then in our communities the world WILL be a better place. I loved getting to know the ladies while there! One beautiful momma was a momma of 2 sets of twins and I cannot imagine not knowing where to turn with 4 precious littles! I love what the shelter does and I feel honored to be able to go back to raise money for them. If you are free Friday come see us! We will be in the Distillery building in downtown Westminster by Paradiso! Please bring a friend and if you reference this blog post, I will add an extra $5 from your sale to the cause!

Some beautiful pieces that will be there 🙂


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