Do you know?

Do you really know, what your support for our family looks like? I wonder this often about you wonderful shoppers and customers of mine. I wonder if you truly know the gift you give us when you chose to support small business owners! Let me give you a little insight, in words. I know you see it on social media, the quality time we have with our kids, the memories created and intentional moments. I know you see the happy smiles, beach shots, Disney trips and creek walks. But do you really KNOW?

I want to take a minute to tell you. The gift you give us is hard to put into words, the gift you give us has us driving and saying “how did we get so lucky?” The gift you give us has my girls saying things like “when I have a daddy (Nora meant husband) I will go work while he plays with our kids then when he works I will get to stay home and have fun. Then most days we all get to be together” This was a recent conversation and it blew my mind to see my baby girl seeing this as our norm. We know this isn’t and we never take it for granted. I don’t want to write this post in a boasting way, I want to write this post in pure humility and gratitude to say thank you for supporting this dream. This dream that has made our marriage stronger and our family unity closer than ever.

I can tell you this year of marriage has been the most blissful and it is because Jeff and I have had to work on the same task together. It wasn’t always this way, the amount of growth and change in one year was very hard on us, and privately we had year many couples see over 25yr span, in one year. But coming together to work a business and raise up a family has given us pure bliss because we know the struggle. We are so keenly aware of the daily hussle that leads to distraction and fighting our way to clarity. All of this would not be possible without Lularoe, and more importantly without you . Because of Lularoe growth I had to take a clear look at myself, my leadership style and refine and rewrite. Because of you all supporting Lularoe and me, I want to be better for you and the girls that took the Lularoe leap because of me. Its constantly changing and this isn’t easy, but because of customers who love the product I find myself counting my blessings and each one of you who support small business. It is a choice. I find myself now more than ever looking to support the mom who took a leap, the small new coffee shop next to a corporate one, the dad who is selling flowers on a corner as opposed to a grocery store. There is a reason many people are leaving big America to go off on their own. Many are saying “Enough” give me quality over masses. That is what we have said, we don’t want bigger and better. We want more of the good stuff, and you all help make this possible so once again and NEVER for the last time. THANK YOU!


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