Weekend Adventures and NCRC

This weekend was packed for us! A lot of nerves went into Friday night because it was our daughters VBS end program. Doesn’t sound like a big deal right? However Nora was the only child in her class that didn’t sing at her school end of year program and broke down in tears due to nerves. I think I always knew parenting was hard but this was new level. Jeff and I found ourselves asking “what did we do to create this anxiety? Was it… or … Or is she just this way? How can we help her?” It was stressful and when it happened at the school event it caught me by surprise because the kids is a NATURAL at acting and singing! I know all parents think that of their kids but this little girl soaks it up!!! She is simply so talented and loves performing so it was literally heart breaking to see her crumpled face not participating. The night before the end of VBS show she woke up at 2am and came into our bed upset. As she slept she actually said in a dream “I don’t want to sing on stage” and it broke my heart. We chatted and said she didn’t have to, low pressure. But then there was Katy. We didn’t want her to see her big sister not go up and her stay back also, so it was tricky. I was trying my best to play it cool all night.

As the night went on, thank God the older kids went first, Nora stayed rolled up behind me watching but you could tell nervous. I just downplayed and sat with her, saying she didn’t have to! Then the time came, and luckily Katy class could go the same time. I put Katy up and Nora refused, the more Katy saw Nora the more she wanted to come down. Just then in the distance Katy saw Jeff wave and make silly faces so she stuck it out and the music came on! I kept turning to Nora cause I could tell she wanted to, I pushed enough and up she went! Who knew something so small could invade a momma’s heart so big! I felt like a million dollars when they came down! Plus we have this cute video to show! I was on cloud nine all night! All the teachers knew I was stressed so many were also happy to see her go!

Then Saturday and Sunday I got to go back to my roots! I was able to participate in a fundraiser for NCRC at their recital! It was a huge success! I paired up with Kelly Green who is apart of my downline and we had a blast! Kelly had to help her kids out as dance mom here and there so I was present to help her! She helped me when I wanted to be home for diner with the family Saturday night! We sold a lot and I am excited to see the totals for what was raised for NCRC! I LOVE doing anything for Jess Etzel and her awesome studio because I really started my LLR journey there! She helped me get local roots because one of the first places I consistently set up at was NCRC when I heard a lot of “Lula what?” Every event I do with them I LOVE seeing so many past hostesses! I am so grateful to live in CC MD where local matters and everyone stays! Its fun to see people I went to HS with bring their kids to dance and past teachers everywhere I turn! I really do love small town. Speaking of small town I went to Char’d BBQ after on Sunday. Have y’all been? I MEAN IT, best BBQ around. I cannot get enough. As a matter of fact, I left and drove 20 minutes to get it with two kids who didn’t nap, it was worth the risk. The brisket is the best I ever had and I CANNOT get enough of the apple BBQ sauce, like literally could drink it! Farmer Stan’s (past Spring Meadow) also had their ice-cream shack open and got an amazing chocolate snowball with marshmallow JUST for me to eat after the amazing Char’d BBQ. We had ice-cream at home for the kids so I just treated myself and you would have literally thought I was tortchering the kids. How dare mom get herself a snowball and not them???




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