Melissa’s Party

On Monday, sweet Melissa Rudolph had a Lularoe pop up and Disney arrived literally as I was packing up the car. I practically yelled at the UPS driver from excitement because they never get to my house before 3pm and that day, she did! Honest, I think I scared her!!!!

Upon my arrival to Melissa house I was greeted by her very sweet, almost teen son! (His bday is Sunday). He was watching Melissa’s three year old with grace and patience I can only pray for while Melissa was picking other kids up from gymnastics. He helped me unload the car and set up, then somehow was able to get the 3 yr old down for a nap on the couch the same time he dozed off! Man, he made it look so easy! Melissa has 6 children and handles it with such love and care. She has the most flexible attitude and I love hearing about she and her hubby met as once rivals on the basketball court! She was ref, he was a coach! She also gave great parenting advice of just letting go and going with the flow!!!

My first Disney box was a absolute gem. All variety of sizes and styles in the Disney prints, and all sold at the pop up or when I posted right after. Melissa’s party was full of ladies excited for Disney prints but many just looking for summer outfits of LLR. I love hearing repeat customers coming back because they love certain styles. Melissa allowed me to post my location public and at least 3 ladies came just to check out what I had! My favorite part of the evening was packing up the car with Melissa’s kids helping. The two youngest went outside and were splashing in little puddles, then Shaw the baby of the family fell butt first into a big puddle and everyone just laughed! It was refreshing to see the slower pace of life and taking in the chaos! I also learned I can no longer pack my car right without Jeff’s help! He does it so much better than I do!!!




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